Little Big Snake Game

Little Big Snake puts you in an arena where you have to fight against other enemies to become the best snake of all! The game is kind of similar to, but surely it will bring you a brand new experience. You play as a snake roaming the map to gather as many food orbs as possible, and this will help you grow up. However, you should try to eat the dead remains of the defeated snakes to increase your size faster. Always keep your head safe, and if you crash into an enemy, it will be a game over for you. Make a speed boost to catch your targets, also, you should utilize tactics to make others crash into you then grab their dead orbs quickly. If your snake is destroyed, you can control a flying beetle around the map! Your goal is to become the largest snake of all in this arena.

How to play

Use the mouse to direct your snake around the map. Click left mouse to make a speed boost.

little big snake game

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