Play free online and build as many factories as possible in the new strategy io game! It will be the most important key to expand your empire and bring you to the top spot that you expect. Remember to check and follow all tips in the tutorial! The guide will offer every necessary step to finish the goal in the shortest time. Embark on the starting stage of unblocked and do not forget to interact with extractors and place conveyor belts in the right way! It will be materials that should be connected to your hub. If you drop them wrongly, you can remove those objects without difficulty. It is also simple to zoom in or out to observe the current situation in neighbors! Attempt to advance in levels and rank up! You will have the chance to obtain many different upgrades that are extremely useful for you to develop and set up a thriving colony rapidly. Share your story with your friends now!

How to play

Use the mouse button to build factories, Ctrl+LMB to select an area, mouse wheel to zoom, Left mouse or WASD to move, Right mouse to cancel

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