User: Erin Published: 23 July, 2020 Category: iO Games

About Minesmashers.club Unblocked Game

Minesmashers.club is a cool and free-for-all Agario style io game to play. It hides a lot of classes to unlock and control. Start off with a pig and you should evolve as soon as possible. It will be helpful for you to become the strongest player in Minesmashers.club online and take over the leaderboard. In order to transform, you need to level up. However, don’t forget that you will have to earn enough experience points first. To increase your XP, try to eat food and eliminate the opponent in Minesmashers.club unblocked! Resources will appear on the map at random and you can collect them without effort. However, you may get troubles with other rivals. Always dodge hits! You must survive or you cannot progress as you expect. Meanwhile, it’s interesting to swing the weapon and hunt down somebody who is weaker than you! Start the battle and be the ultimate character now!

How to play

Use the mouse to move the player, left-click to hit, right-click to speed up