Flap Royale

Flap Royale unblocked is Flappy Bird-inspired multiplayer game taking the concept of battle royale. All birds from around the world have to compete and race against each other in a challenging race. Flap Royale gameplay is pretty much the same as the original Flappy Bird game. The different thing is that all birds must fly out of an airplane and into the race at the start of the game. You have to flap your wings to keep flying as well as try to get through all pipes that are standing in your way. If you touch any pipes or fly down to the ground, the race will be over for you. Watch your back and front all the time! Make sure no enemy birds can surpass you! Try your hardest to earn a lot of scores then fly your way to the top place on the leaderboard to become the winner. Enjoy Flap Royale online!

How to play

Use the mouse or the spacebar to flap.

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