is a nice spacecraft 2D Shooter Fighting game online giving you a chance to become an expert pilot controlling a large spaceship around in the huge cosmos. Now, you are already immersing into outer space where you have to fight for your galaxy domination by eliminating all other enemy spaceships getting in your way. At the beginning of the game, you must build and customize your ship following your own way. Make sure that you gear your ship with a lot of strong guns, powerful armor as well as handy equipment so it can become much stronger and unstoppable. Then, you head into the fight in which you have to slay all enemies before they have a chance to shoot you. You will earn money when you make progress through the game. The earned money can be utilized for buying better equipment for your ship. Your goal in is to rule the entire space arena! Wish you luck!

How to play

Control your spaceship by pressing arrow keys or WASD. Shoot at enemies using the left mouse or spacebar.

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