Cursor Knights

Have your skills ready for a brutal clash against a bunch of wicked monsters in an RPG game called Cursor Knights! The game is totally available on the Internet, and you will get free access to it. This is a game in which you must utilize your cursor to finish off all monsters. The in-game mission may sound simple, but kind of hard to master. You will never know how powerful the enemies are, so you’d better purchase some more cursors that can help you kill the rivals easily. The new ones will be able to take up less mana to attack, dish out more damage, kill giant snakes and so forth. You will be dropped into different areas, each of them has its own enemy. You must try to destroy one to get XP and gold, then use the gold to buy the cursors, potions as well as many other great items. Don’t forget to develop your smart tactics through over time so you can beat the monsters without too much effort. Good luck to you!

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Move your cursor by using the mouse. Click the left mouse to drink potions and purchase things. Use key E to interact and key Enter to chat.

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