Tactics Core

Tactics Core is a fascinating MOBA shooter game used to be called Stba.io. Play the demo for free and explore the new arena unblocked full of enemies your way! You’d better conquer the playfield with the most powerful units which can be leveled up and upgraded after you kill the foes. Start off with a basic group and you should fight smartly to survive and progress or unlock stronger forces or super upgrades.

Each faction in Tactics Core online will be given a limited amount of supply. In case the resource reaches 0, every bases defense will explode and you must come back to the Command Center to protect it. You are recommended to work together with your teammates to increase your power and remove the antagonist sooner. In addition to weapons, you can deploy multiple special possibilities when they are available. Besides, you can zoom in our out to monitor the situation. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD to move, RMB or LMB to attack, number keys to control abilities, mouse wheel to zoom

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