Soldiers VS Zombies

Soldiers VS Zombies is a new web-browser multiplayer team game about humans and zombies. There are many games like this on the Internet, but this title promises to be an amazing one you should not skip. In Soldiers VS Zombies, you will play as a human or a zombie. When the match is kicked off, the players who are in the shape of the zombies will have to go spread the virus across the arena in order to finish all humans, while the humans have to work together to block the doors, build safe places and do whatever it takes to get through this disaster. Working as a team will bring you a better result no matter what role you are taking on. Teamwork can also help you overcome all dangers, so always stay close to your teammates. If you are a soldier, you can go to the shop to purchase some items that can help you defeat the zombies easily. Good luck!

How to play

Move your character by using keys WASD, drop items by pressing key G, use key E to collect items, key O for the shop and the mouse cursor to spin.

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