Minesweeper.io free game unblocked is the multiplayer edition of the classic Minesweeper that you have ever played before on your Windows PC. Now, you will feel more challenges when playing with a lot of friends from around the world on the same board. You will race against them to see who will clear the most mines. When the game is kicked off, you will go reveal all the squares around you. If there is a hidden mind, make sure you put a flag on it. In case a square is exposed with a bomb without a flag on it, the bomb will be triggered, causing your points to be lost. You need to collect as many mines as possible without mistakes to grow your score. Also, try to earn a lot of goal by completing an achievement or growing in level. You have to be the one scoring the most points to become the ultimate winner in the game. Be ready for Minesweeper.io game online now!

How to play

Use the left mouse to reveal a square, click and hold the right mouse to place a flag.

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