If you love to play zombies games, you will definitely love Futurefunk unblocked which is yet another zombie game about humans and zombies competing against each other. You will be dropped into the arena where there will be a certain player being chosen as a starter zombie. The chosen zombie has to make his way through the map trying to get the humans infected. If you belong to the human team, you will have to work together with other players to defeat the zombies. If you get touched, you will turn into a zombie too, and this time, you will go chase the other humans. To keep yourself from the zombies, you can hide, barricade or even use some items you have purchased in the store. Futurefunk game requires you to team up with each other if you want to bring the victory to your team. Are you ready for it? Jump into the battle now!

How to play

Direct the movement of your character using WASD, turn around using the mouse, use the items using the left mouse, use key G to drop items, and press key E to collect items.

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