Play Droll.io game free online and solve every quiz by watching available clips in each stage! Try to fulfill your mission as soon as possible to gain high scores and become the top player! Actually, you will receive a video after you step into a level. It contains a lot of important clues. Don’t forget to watch the entire content and take a look at four options that you are given!

To be the winner and unlock the next scene in Droll.io unblocked, you are forced to click on the correct answer. It will be your idea related to the outcome of the situation that you have already followed. Aside from going through unpredictable popular movies by yourself, you are allowed to discuss the result with other people in the same room. It may be a useful strategy so you are able to capture some keys to resolve your problem. Are you ready to take part in the Battle Royale styled tournament and get to the end quickly? Good luck!

How to play

Interact with videos and choose answers by using the mouse button

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