Cellulus is a Free For All strategy game with gameplay based on Agario style. Similar to the original, it’s necessary to eat as much as possible before you become the King or the biggest cell! However, it is not easy to achieve the goal because you are playing a very competitive match with multiple hungry enemies. They are always ready to capture and make you lose.

After you accept to hop into the map of Cellulus, you should immediately avoid other characters because you can be eaten in a wink by somebody nearby. Just find a safe area to gather food dots or chase and hunt down smaller guys. If you are large enough, you can perform some tricks in Cellulus. Be careful! Do not split when someone larger approaching you or everything that you have divided will be absorbed. Besides, you can eject some mass to feed another who is in danger. Additionally, do not hit spiky viruses or you will be exploded instantly!

How to play

Use the mouse to move around, Space to split, W to eject mass, D to split 2x

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