Buzzy Bees

Play the new game as one of the most Buzzy Bees and try to build up the strongest empire of your own quickly! It is also a good place unblocked to compete against multiple opponents from around the real world for the top spot. In Buzzy Bees free, you should collect pollen as much as possible to make hives. Set up these structures and you can produce honey. Attempt to turn them into the biggest areas! It is easy to gather resources by touching flowers. Remember to come back to the base after that!

To progress in Buzzy Bees, you can save the health or material upgrades online in case you are dying. There is a shop to buy items such as enhancements and better stingers. Further, you are able to purchase more units, for example, guards or gatherers. They will be teammates that take or share the same nectar. Especially, you can loot somebody after you eliminate him and ruin his home. Have fun!

How to play

Use the mouse cursor to control your player, left mouse to shoot, B to buy, T to engage in teams

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