Boss Fights!

What will occur if you blend waves of foes with one everlasting boss battle? That’s what will happen in Boss Fights! – an epic fighting action-packed game online you can play for free in a browser. Prepare your skills for this brutal battle as you will face off against numerous hordes of enemies. They will come out with their own special brand and playing style. When you engage in the fight, you must do whatever it takes to beat them so you can reach the next wave that is much tougher. Keep in mind that ever successive wave gets stronger, but if you manage to kill them, you will earn more points. Don’t forget to go find more weapons or you can even craft some for yourself. The main goal of Boss Fights! game is to establish your ultimate supremacy in the arena! Are you up for this Upgrades IO game? Let’s give it a go right now!

How to play

Move your character using WASD, press key G to drop items, key T to collect items, key B to buy items, key P to craft items, key L to level up items and press key K to suicide.

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