You can be a lead archer with excellent skills in ARCHERz unblocked! Play this io archer-themed game online for free in your browser to experience awesome challenges. The game is about killing enemies with their armies using your archers. You have to build an army of archers and make the army grow in size to get more strength. Each army can have up to 100 archers, and once you have obtained that number, your army will be the strongest one!

Every archer in ARCHERz free game is equipped with different abilities and attacks. You should make use of them to deal damage to enemies. When someone gets in your sight, quickly attack and finish them off before they beat you with their army. Besides killing each other, you should also let your archers collect gold coins that are dispersed on the map. The more gold coins you collect, the more upgrades and features you can purchase to better the strength of your army. During the battle, you should pay attention to the moves of your enemies because they might plan something evil to attack you when they catch you off guard. It’s better to have some strategies and tactics ready to deal with tough enemies. You are a leader of an army, so you must try your best to lead your army to the ultimate victory and make yourself the best lead archer of all. Play game online for free! Enjoy it!

How to play

Move your army using the mouse, attack enemies using the left mouse button, and use number keys 1-9 for the bow.

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