Badminton Online

Badminton Online is an addictive sports game with simple gameplay. Start the new challenge with a rival and be the first person who quickly collects enough 5 scores! Getting that target point before you run out of time will be regarded as the most important key to winning the championship. Your competitor will be chosen at random. Additionally, objects like the skin, clothes, or equipment will be arranged unsystematically. So, the match will only begin when it searches for somebody. After the initial step is finished, you should not forget to perform your abilities carefully. Do not miss too many attempts or you can lose! Aside from throwing the ball when joining Badminton Online, you are recommended to block the other’s hits. Otherwise, he or she will reach the goal before you. Try to release the item in the best direction and swing the racket skillfully! Hop into the room and remember to share with friends! Good luck!

How to play

Tap WASD or Arrows to move and jump, LMB or RMB to throw

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