Get ready to become a cunning and hostile worm in WormRoyale.io – another game like Slither.io with Battle Royale concept. You are put in an arena full of enemies, and you must fight for your victory. Since you start as a small one, you are not strong enough for any clashes when you first spawn. Therefore, you need to focus on eating many foods dispersed across the map. Each piece of food you absorb will help grow your size a lot. Keep eating until you reach a nice size, then you can jump into a fight against other worms. To kill them, make the most out of your big body, surround them all, block their exits and have them run into you, they will get eliminated instantly. You need to defend yourself at the same time you try to kill others. If you crash into somebody’s body or even the danger zone, you will meet your doom for sure. In WormRoyale.io, the goal is to turn your worm into the last worm standing!

How to play

Control your worm around the map using the mouse. Speed it up using the left mouse.

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