is another game about building territory by claiming empty space. In this title, you move around a huge arena full of opponents and your job is to quickly capture as much space as possible then connect all the captured space back to your man base. You should be careful when leaving your claimed territory, especially when you go hunt for more space as this is very dangerous. Other players can take this chance to kill you! If one of them hits your trail before you close an outline, you will be destroyed instantly. So be mindful when you venture out! You can eliminate your opponents in the exact same way. Keep an eye on their movement, catch them off guard then quickly hit their trail to wipe them out. Once they die, you can claim their space to expand your realm even larger. Similar to other Splix Style games, in, the main goal is to form your ultimate dominance in the entire arena.

How to play

Arrow keys or WASD will be used to move your paper around the map.
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