is a cool RPG which is free for all to play a game online against each other. Choose a character that you want and launch a new race against multiple rivals at once. The main challenge is set in a fantasy map in which you will have to defeat as many opponents as possible and complete side quests in the shortest time to become the winner.

Aside from that, also offers countless power-ups and hides plenty of interesting upgrades. You’d better gather items, gold, resources and unlock stuff rapidly if you expect to take over the leaderboard. Additionally, you can deploy an ability that allows you to customize your look. More importantly, you must survive during the period that occurs before you achieve your goal. There are several modes. Each of them will bring back various objectives and formidable creatures. Select the best weapons and start now!

How to play

Use WASD to move, the mouse to aim, Left mouse to attack, Right mouse to speed up, Q/E/1-4 to select abilities
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