Dungeonz.io can be an amazing and attractive fighting game online thanks to its awesome RPG elements and classic 2D graphics, plus, it will take you to an unforgettable adventure where you have to complete a lot of quests as well as conquer all dungeons for a chance of winning. If you are looking for something tough to master your gaming skills, then Dungeonz.io is a perfect choice for you. You take control of a single character, try to navigate your work through epic dungeons in order to collect many resources and kill all enemies standing in your way. You should protect yourself at the same time trying to kill others. Also, it’s very important to finish all the tasks given to you to earn different rewards. You need to turn yourself into a giant hero that gets through the toughest of dungeons to become the ultimate winner. Prepare yourself for this adventure now! Good luck to you!

How to play

Move around the dungeons using arrow keys or WASD. Click the left mouse to use or interact with items, press key E to collect an item and use number keys for choosing an item.

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