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Show off your vehicle-controlling skills in a fun 2D style game called UFOz. You can play UFOz online for free in your browser and get ready to fight against multiple enemies around the world. You will begin flying your UFO around a city to suck a lot of objects standing in your way, namely buildings, trees, and even the UFOs of other players. When you suck big things around you, you will earn more points, making your power increase through over time and you can totally upgrade your UFO. There are 8 levels in total you can upgrade the UFO to. Once it has become stronger, you will find it easier to deal with other rivals, especially the tough ones. Keep sucking and growing your points until you get to the top rank on the leaderboard, which is your main objective in UFOz free game. Are you ready for this challenge? Let’s jump into the game now! Much fun!

How to play

Move your UFO around the city using the mouse and click the left mouse to suck objects.

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Little Big Snake: Royal Hunt
Little Big Snake: Royal Hunt!
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