Cat Ninja

Cat Ninja free online is a great HTML5 game online centering on a ninja cat trying to conquer all of his enemies. In this title, the cat wants to conquer an adventure full of challenges. He is in need of your help because there are many enemies standing in his way. With some special ninja skills, such as jumping, kicking, punching, or even throwing shurikens, you must help the cat perform these skills to outplay his opponents on his way. There will be gaps between the platforms. You should mind those gaps when moving your cat and make sure he will not fall into it. Try to aim then throw shurikens at enemies before they get close to your cat, otherwise, the cat will take damage, which can cause the game to be over. You aim to conquer all levels in the game and make your cat the best ninja. Play Cat Ninja unblocked at school for free now!

How to play

Move your cat using A/D, jump with W, duck with S, throw shurikens using the left mouse button, use the ninja skills using Shift, and use the spacebar + WASD to fly.

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