In – another classic Style, you will undertake a tough mission which is to keep your base safe from the outside dangers. To keep it protected, you must go pick up a lot of resources scattered around on the ground, and keep an eye out for water as it is the main resource here. You have to generate numerous water pumps to achieve a huge amount of water. Remember that the ponds you pump the water from do not contain an infinite supply, therefore, you have to utilize them wisely. After one pond has been completely run out, you have to continue with the next one. Always watch out for your surroundings because the enemies can ambush your base anytime. Try your best to keep it well protected and defend all the ponds for ensuring that you will have gallons of water. Prepare your skills for these challenges right now! Enjoy the game!

How to play

Use WASD for the movement, click the left mouse for placing a building or doing an action. Click the right mouse on the pipe icon for rotating it, and use arrow keys for using the tool shortcut.

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