YORG.io 3

YORG.io 3 is the sequel of YORG.io, in which you have to survive all waves of zombies and protect your base from them. The game is a nice mix and match of zombies, strategy, and tower defense. Feel free to play it in your browser anytime! Unlike the first chapter, in YORG.io 3 unblocked, the zombies are getting stronger. You must create a base for yourself and attempt to survive all zombies before they can deal damage to you. Keep your base well defended by placing mines with defensive towers around it. Plus, you can construct factories to build supply chains that can help produce ammunition for your towers. Make sure you keep every tower upgraded through over time so you can get access to its special abilities. Also, try to control your factories for more resources! If you have smart strategies, you will be able to survive all waves of zombies and even beat their bosses. Enjoy YORG.io 3 free!

How to play

Interact with the objects, place mines and towers around your base using the mouse.

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