Worms.zone is a brand new edition to the famous snakes’ genre of IO games and it promises to bring you even more awesome challenges. In the game, you have to prove to the whole world that you are the best player in the whole arena. You start as a small worm roaming around the map to seek a lot of foods and power-ups. You must eat as many foods as possible to increase your size and collect a lot of power-ups to outplay all of your opponents. The foods help your worm increase its mass a lot. Once you have become much bigger, you can use your long body to surround the enemy worms. Try to block their exit ways, and force them to run into you. In addition, you can give your worm a speed boost to catch all enemies or dash away from their attacks. But don’t use this feature too much because it will reduce your mass. The goal here is to build your dominance! Good luck!

How to play

Speed up your worm using the left/right mouse buttons.

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