Wormax2.io is one of the most popular snake games based on slither.io. It is about a cool competition between you – a tiny worm and multiple enemies from the real world. The mission that you need to complete is to become the biggest creature on the server.

Similar to versions of the original, for example, Angry Chickens, you need to collect food in Wormax2.io unblocked as much as possible. Consume everything safe on the map and you can grow longer, bigger easily. Not only that, you are recommended to prevent the other enemies from blocking your route. Otherwise, you will die when they cut off you. Remember that you are given three lives! Aside from running away from those aggressive foes, you can perform tricks to counterattack. However. it’s fairly risky. Play Wormax2.io free online you are able to gather a lot of interesting effects. They come from power-ups available on the playfield. In addition to speeding up, you can stop immediately and turn invisible, so on. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to control your worm’s movement, Left mouse or Right mouse or Q to boost speed, W to stop, E to be invisible, 1-5 to deploy a smiley

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