Wazana.io unblocked is an exclusive io game online with 3D maps and awesome game mechanics. In this title, you have to build up and defend your base from enemies. To that goal, you need to gather resources of energy and matter. The extractors can gather these two resources for you, and once you get enough of them, you can buy upgrades, new buildings, military units, and skills. When everything is ready, you can go to the rival base, send out your units and let them attack the base. Make sure you utilize your special skills of the factor that will help you whenever you feel a need.

Wazana.io free online features different starting factions, each of them has their own play style and perks, such as Baako, Oddalric, and Deadelus. Try to make use of your factions to get an edge over your enemies and protect your base from their attacks. Play Wazana.io game online in your browser to express your skills now! Much fun with it!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to choose buildings and units. Click the right mouse button to order movements or attacks.

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