is a battle arena game about stomping on enemies. The only way to kill them is to stomp on them and make them drop their stars (size) for you to collect. You can try unblocked for free in your browser to show off your stomping ability. When you make your way through the map, you should carefully stomp a smaller player then make them lose all their stars. If you stomp a bigger player, you can only make them lose half their stars. After that, you have to collect these stars to increase your size. The more you focus on stomping on players, the faster you can grow. Be careful when you confront a bigger player because you will be knocked back farther. Remember to use the ledges to your advantage, so you can defeat enemies easily. You aim to become the leader on the leaderboard. Have fun with it!

How to play

Move your character using the mouse or the left/right arrow keys. Try to pick up stars to increase your size, use the left mouse to smash attack and drop straight down. Stomp on enemies to take their stars and dodge getting stomped.

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