The point of unblocked is to become the best stickman in the arena. Let’s make your io game experiences much better with this Stickman-style game that is free for all. You step into a big arena full of stickmen from around the world. They are your enemies, so you have to defeat them all if you want to win. You know that there are many stickman-style games released for free in browsers, and this title is one of them that should be your pick. You are allowed to do a lot of actions to defeat enemies, such as fighting, shooting, surviving, and more. These actions will come with weapons! The special thing about free game is that you can spawn as many weapons on the map as possible. After you have spawned them, make use of them to inflict damage on your rivals while avoiding their attacks. Spawning weapons is a fast way for you to destroy your competitors. For every kill you earn, you will get some points. Keep growing your kill count as you play to get more points, which betters your rank on the leaderboard. Also, you can earn money for awesome purchases. You can buy lots of new items and upgrades for your stickman from the store. online features various character classes you can become, such as fighter, marksman, warrior, assassin, acrobat, and runner. Enjoy the game!

How to play

Use WAD for the movement, use the spacebar to jump, press Shift to run, double Shift to sprint, LKM to punch, PKM to kick, C for the camera view, Esc for the menu bar, Q to call bar emoticons, and number keys 1-5 for special abilities.

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