If you think you have good music knowledge, then play unblocked for free to show it off. The game is a good place for those who love music and want to share their knowledge with other friends from around the world. Select a nickname for your character, join a room then play with other players. Whenever a song is played, you and others must guess the name of it or the artist that is playing. Anyone with a faster and correct guess will earn a lot of points. Through each match, if you are the leader, you will earn coins too. Having coins allows you to buy bonuses, such as “remove an answer”, or the “double chance”. You can use those bonuses to your advantage. Just make sure you listen to the song carefully, think about any names it can be or the names of the artist, then quickly select your correct answer first for points. The one with the most points at the end of the game will become the winner. Have fun!

How to play

Click an answer and interact with the in-game menus using the mouse.

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