Much like game, unblocked also bears the familiar gameplay mechanic that will definitely keep you amused for hours. Not only that, online game brings an epic racing competition to all players who will take control of their own mini-bus around a huge stunning city packed with passengers. You are tasked with gathering as many passengers as possible as you try to keep your bus improved through over time. Bear in mind that other bus drivers are your opponents, so they will not be easy on you. You have to take chances to eliminate them while stopping them from crashing into you, which can make you lose the game and start it over from scratch. Don’t forget to use some bonuses on the map to easily collect passengers and kill your rivals. Can you make it to the top 1 on the leaderboard? Hope you have a wonderful time playing free in your browser!

How to play

Steer your mini-bus using keys A/D or left/right arrow keys. Use the spacebar to jump, key F to use the nitro, and key G to use the invisibility.

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