Show off your skills in an incredible io game called SmashArena unblocked! It’s time to present them to the whole world and see how you will apply them in a tough battle against multiple enemies from around the world. In SmashArena game, you have to wander around a big map to collect powerful items then use them as your weapons to deal damage to other players. Protect yourself during combat and avoid taking damage from your enemies for a chance of winning! You will earn points if you accumulate a lot of kills, which makes you stronger than ever. Remember to upgrade yourself through over time too! You will want to inflict more damage on enemies, especially the tough ones. Try your hardest to remain alive for as long as possible until you climb the leaderboard and dominate the arena. Feel free to play SmashArena online in your browser! Have a blast with it!

How to play

Move around the map using the mouse. Left click to fire, right click to use an item and use R to reload.

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