SLIME.LOL unblocked is a free sports multiplayer game online pitting you against new competitors around the world. You have to prepare your skills in advance and use them to defeat your opponents for a chance of winning. With volleyball, soccer, and hoops simulator, you can play whatever you want as well as earn yourself awesome experiences. In the game, you are provided with a power shot and you must use it smartly to defeat your enemies. You need to adjust the angle then kick the ball into the enemy goal for scores. If someone is trying to outplay you, you can fool them using the emotions or use your tricks to get an upper hand on them. Do whatever it takes to get more scores than your opponents. You aim to become the best sports player in SLIME.LOL game. Are you up for it? Kick it off right now!

How to play

Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Press the spacebar to jump, use Shift for a power shot, and use keys 1-4 for emote (face must be equipt).

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