Once you have stepped into a big arena in SideArms unblocked, you have to fight off all enemies using your advanced weapons with the help of your gunbot who stays beside you during the battle. online is like other third-person multiplayer shooter io games, except the fact that it is taken in a futuristic world where people must kill each other for domination of the arena. This goal is so much and not easy to obtain, but you can try your hardest to reach it. When you move through the map, you have to be aware of low-gravity areas full of obstacles and terrain. The enemies can come from anywhere and they will take any chances they have in order to shoot you and your bot. Therefore, you must hone your rocket skills to carry out cool maneuvers, which helps you dodge their attacks. Don’t forget to provide your gunbot with a wide variety of firepower, or even use your katana when you are in close-quarters combat. Can you conquer this world? Play SideArms free game now!

How to play

Move your character using WASD, jump with the spacebar, use the rocket boosts using Shift, click the left mouse button to shoot, the right mouse button or C to aim, use F for katana, R to reload, E to change guns, “~” to drop the secondary weapon, and number keys 1-0 to use sticker emotes.

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