Shark unblocked is an ocean game with great gameplay. It is similar to, except for the fact that you are now a shark rather than a cell. free game takes you to a big sea full of fish and other creatures. You spawn as a small shark trying to eat a lot of fishes as well as other smaller sharks to grow in size. Make sure you grow and speed up yourself to gobble up plankton with other fishes until you take over the entire sea arena. As you hunt for food, you must watch out for other bigger sharks because they will eat you up. Don’t forget to use your reflexes with smart strategies to deal with the tough sharks. Do whatever it takes to survive for as long as possible until you get to the top place on the leaderboard. Try free game now in your browser and have fun with it!

How to play

Move your shark around the arena using the mouse. Click the left mouse button to accelerate your shark.

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