Fight and kill all enemies in unblocked now! You should be ready for this battle royale io game and enter the battlefield to battle it out. There are lots of survival games you may have mastered before, but with game, it will be a new experience. All players will be taken to a big arena where they must fight for their survival. You are provided with nothing, so start to seek out some items and weapons around the map which can be used to protect yourself. In addition, you should pick up some resources then use them to craft locations or even advanced items for gameplay. Think about smart strategies with good tactics to deal with your rivals. You cannot underestimate them because they will have a chance to ambush you. Stop them before it’s too late! The rewards and championship from free game are only for the one who can overcome all challenges and survive until the end.

How to play

Walk around the map using WASD, use the left mouse to punch or shoot enemies, use the number keys from 1-6 to change items, use F to collect items, use R to reload ammo, use M to open the map, and use X to change the normal attack.

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