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Are you a fan of both ice hockey and car racing? If yes, then Pucks.io unblocked is an ideal game for you. Pucks.io online is a wonderful sports game that merges ice hockey and car racing, making it much more engaging to play. When the game is kicked off, you will direct the puck with your car carefully around the map in an attempt to score a lot of goals, at a time, you must keep your own goal safe from all enemies. You should take any chances to have to score as you try to stop other players from defeating you. Your car is armed with a boost ability that will be used to accelerate your car to surpass your foes. Also, you need to watch out for your surroundings as getting ambushed is easy to happen when you get caught off guard by someone else. Will you be able to get to the top rank? Enjoy Pucks.io game!

How to play

Drive the car using arrow keys or WASD, press the spacebar to speed up, use key Q to alter the camera view, and use key Esc to open the menu.

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Crowd City.io
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