unblocked is a browser io game where you play the role of a Paceman trying to eat points to gain a faster speed. online can remind you of the classic Pac Man games but it can be funnier. You make your way through a big map trying to eat green and red powers to get boosts or decreases of different types. Watch out for your surroundings and don’t let other enemies defeat you.

The main goal in free is to get the highest score. You should focus on eating as many points as possible. When you eat other enemies, you will get points dropped by them. When you have powers, you can make a speed boost to gain points faster. Make sure you avoid the roundsaws as you make your way through the map because if you touch them, they will kill you. Try your best to survive and defeat all enemies to become the top 1 player on the leaderboard. Play game for free now and have fun with it!

How to play

Use A/D or left/right arrow keys to move. Use the mouse or spacebar to speed up.

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