Ogre PVP

If you are fed up with other common io games, then you can try a new one called Ogre PVP to experience new elements. Ogre PVP unblocked is a multiplayer game that pits you against enemies in a big arena where you must keep your levels upgraded through over time to become stronger. You begin as a little ogre at the start of the game. The big objective for you is to destroy all creatures around you using your weapons. Make use of your melee and ranged weapons for the kills, and don’t forget to activate your armor to protect yourself from the enemies. As you play, you can earn more coins that can be used for the upgrades. It is very important for you to advance your levels as well as improve the weapons so as to defeat all players. You have to climb up the ladder to dominate the arena in Ogre PVP io game.

How to play

Use the melee weapon using U, the ranged weapon using I, the armor using O, and press T for drop.  

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