Play as a chicken in unblocked! Even now the chickens have to fight one another for their ultimate survival in the battle royale arena. All chickens controlled by players from around the world are trapped on top of a disk above a grinder in a factory farm. Since the disk has no balance, the chickens will die and become a chicken nugget if they fall off of the disk. Now, you must take advantage of some moves to survive this. You can walk, sprint, jump and dash. To beat enemies, you must push them out of the disk using your strength while protecting yourself from being pushed by them. Don’t forget to eat some corn to increase your mass and size. You start the game with the smallest size, but if you consume corn as you play, you will get bigger. Always stay on the highest point of the disk while trying to push all other chickens. The last one standing on the disk will become the winner of free game! Much fun!

How to play

Control the movement of your chicken using WASD or arrow keys. Use the spacebar to jump, hold it to dash, hold it in air to fly, and double tap movement keys to sprint.

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