Following the concept of the classic Minecraft game, Mine-Craft.io unblocked also makes you a free builder, an explorer, and even a fighter. You are here for a quest where you encounter lots of enemies from around the world as well as evil mobs. Your quest is set in a dangerous randomly-created world full of challenges. So, prepare your skills in advance for it. Everything you have done in the common Minecraft games will be the same in Mine-Craft.io online. You will venture out into ore areas to get resources. Then, you will use these resources to build houses with different mechanisms that help grow your territory. Make sure the territory is upgraded through over time, especially you have to protect it from the evil mobs as well as aggressive players. You can freely explore more areas around you in this world. But, you must prepare some strategies and skills in advance because you will meet other players on your way. Attack them quickly before they attack you back! Also, the most important thing is you have to defend your territory and yourself from them. Fighting and upgrading territory should be done at the same time. When you are in danger while in the wild, go to the middle area which is a safe place to stay because there are no actions there. You should survive for as long as possible to become the best player in Mine-craft.io free game!

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Use F to toggle your inventory, the left Shift to run, Enter to chat, the left mouse button to attack, the right mouse button for action, number keys 1-8 to change the active item in the quick inventory, Q to drop active items, and Esc to close the active window or open the game menu.

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