unblocked is one of the most awesome io games with the RPG element. The game is taken in a dangerous dungeon where you have to face not only enemies but also monsters. Your mission in game is to crawl through the dungeon and try your best to slay all opponents that come in your way. The game can be simple to some players, however, there are many challenges you have to conquer, which takes a lot of patience, skills, and strategies. The first things you must do when you are the castle which is a safe area is to refill your HP and buy or sell some items. Then, you will start moving through the dungeons finding doors to reach the next levels. Quickly kill monsters or enemies when you see them for experience points. Grow your points so you can level up faster. Think you can conquer the dungeon and become the best player? Much fun with Mazmorra io game!

How to play

Use the left mouse to attack enemies or move your character. In the inventory, use the right mouse for potions, changing equipped items, buying or selling items.

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