is a free-to-play Agario style game that you can enjoy it on mobile. It means that it is easy for Android and iOS users to download! Start the new adventure with a chicken and fight against multiple enemies from around the world at once. To climb up to the top spot, you need to collect the most chicks. These creatures will appear after you gather eggs. They can break the shell, come out and follow you automatically. Alike with, your tail will grow longer and you will have the chance to rank up. Especially, it is useful for you to attack and eliminate opponents in unblocked. Do not let anybody block your head or you will lose! It’s simple to speed up and run away! Additionally, that ability will help you chase and capture the target faster. Aside from traveling alone, you are able to experience the race online with teammates. Good luck!

How to play

Left-click and drag to move, tap Space to boost speed

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