Play a fun online strategy and fight against multiple enemies at once! You are connecting to one of the most popular titles in which you will have to defend yourself from all of the attacks of rivals coming from around the world. There are two teams, Blue and Red. You will work for a party and always move carefully. Try to escape from the sight of every competitor and perform every trick to rank up! In unblocked, you are able to climb up to higher spots to observe everything on the ground easier. It is also useful to make a plan for your action and increase the aiming ability before you shooting down anybody. Your group will become the winner if it collects 100 kills first. Besides, you can unlock various achievements when you finish your challenges and progress. Are you ready to experience and take over the leaderboard? Good luck!

How to play

Choose WASD to roam, LMB to shoot, RMB to aim, R to reload, Shift to sprint, Spacebar to jump, 1-2 to use weapons

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