Feel free to show your skills off against enemies in unblocked – a cool arena-based shooter game! Gats io server allows a maximum of 64 players each. Since the map is very huge, the battle becomes more competitive because enemies can attack you from anywhere. You must pick a weapon, armor, and color for yourself then jump into the arena to battle it out. All you have do is to kill enemies for points. When you have points, you can use them to unlock perks with special abilities to make yourself stronger. Perks have three tiers in total in game. The first one is available at 100 points, the second one is at 300 points, and the third one is at 600 points. Choose the perks that fit your playstyle then make use of them to get an upper hand on enemies. Don’t forget to pick up objects on the map and use them as covers from the enemy bullets. As soon as you avoid their shots, you will have a chance to continue the fight, more importantly, you can reach the top place on the leaderboard to rule the arena. But if you get shot, the game will be over! Will you fight off enemies to become the winner? online is waiting for you! Much fun!

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys to perform the movement. Shoot enemies with the left mouse, reload weapons with R and use the spacebar for advanced power-ups.

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Little Big Snake Shop
Little Big Snake Shop
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