Auto Draw is a super fun io game where you can show off your drawing and guessing skill. The game works based on the turn-based gameplay mechanics, which means players have to take their turns to draw and guess. When you take it, try to draw good stuff relating to the chosen word, then other friends have to guess it. You will earn points if their guess is right. When somebody is drawing, you must focus on their drawing and try to type your guess accurately into the chatbox. The faster you send the answer, the higher the point you will earn. Try not to break any rules in unblocked game, or else you will be banned and cannot join the room anymore. Feel free to present your skills in this game title just like other drawing io games. If you get the best score at the end of the game, you will become the winner!

How to play

Use the mouse to select a color and draw stuff. Use the keyboard to type your guesses.

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