Evonite.fun unblocked brings you fun and cool challenges to conquer. It’s a free evolution style io game that makes you compete against opponents from around the world for the ultimate dominance. There are 12 levels divided into four character classes, including killer, ninja, warrior, and legend. You aim to reach level 12 to become the most powerful fighter in Evonite.fun free game.

Every player spawns in the arena at a small size. The first mission to do is to cut down trees and palms, bushes and cacti to get your size bigger. You cannot kill enemies or do anything when you are small. So, you’d better grow up. As soon as you have grown in size, you can attack smaller enemies. Feel free to kill them without using too much effort. However, when you encounter large enemies, you’d better run away from them to save yourself. They can kill you with just one fell swoop of their strong weapon and once you are defeated, your experience will be given to them, which makes you meet your end. You should quickly run away from tough enemies. However, try not to run much because your experience reduces. Here’s a useful tactic for you to follow: get closer to the enemy on the left side then quickly swing your weapon to defeat them. Do whatever it takes to protect yourself from their attacks and survive until you dominate the arena in Evonite.fun game! Have fun!

How to play

Attack enemies using the left mouse button and speed up your character using the right mouse button.

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