Throw yourself into a new zombie game called unblocked and fight like a true hero. You must know that you will face off against many bloodthirsty zombies in this apocalyptic world. You are one of the bravest humans who dare to stand up and fight against the zombies in game free online. If you don’t fight them off, you can not survive, causing the game to be over. Make your way through the map trying to collect better weapons with some necessary supplies then use them to cope with all the zombies that are coming for your life. You can work together with other human players for more strength, in case the waves of zombies get tougher. Remember to develop your strategies through over time because they also play a very important role in Deadwalk io. Without strategies, it will be very hard to for you to survive and hit the top 1 on the leaderboard. Play it now and wish you luck!

How to play

Move your character using arrow keys or WASD. Roll with key Shift, crouch with key C, use the spacebar to jump, the left mouse to shoot, the right mouse to aim, change weapons using keys 1-5, perform actions using key E, chat with key Enter, open the leaderboard with key Tab, pause the game with key P and toggle the mouse with key L.

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