DarkNova.io online is a top-down shooter io game settled in space. If you are looking for a shooting game to master your skills, then DarkNova.io unblocked will be a nice pick. The game features the team-based element as well, allowing two colored teams to fight one another in space for the domination of the arena. You become a member of a red or a blue team trying to battle against each other to defend or steal the gem, or plant and defuse the bomb. Whatever you do, your team’s safety is always an important element that you have to keep an eye on. To lead your team to a path of victory, it takes a lot. When the battle is kicked off, you must stick with your teammates to go kill all enemies from the rival team. You will fight for the safety of the gem in your base. Try to get the gem of the enemies, plant bombs to blow them up, and deal damage to their base. At the same time, you must keep your gem safe as well as defuse the bombs planted by the rivals. Your score will be increased as you rocket your kill count, which can lead your team to the ultimate victory. Don’t forget to get more cash to buy different ships and modifications for the next round. An important thing to note in DarkNova.io free game is that if you meet your end, you will become a spectator for the rest of the round, so play carefully. Join it now and have fun!

How to play

Use WASD to direct the movement of your ship. Aim with the mouse, open the shop using P, press F11 to go full screen and use H to open the help menu.

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