is a distinctive online multiplayer 3D io game where you will play like a zombie. The goal that you are required to complete is not easy. To become the top player in the next match, you should kill and eat as many humans as you can. Aside from that, you are able to do the same for other monsters. You need to know that you are allowed to attack everybody and the undead existing in the city. You cannot control your hunger once you engage in free.

Especially, you will have more chances to upgrade your own character and boost up your stats if you are successful in grabbing the prey in unblocked at school. It means that your power will grow and you can finish the adventure with the highest score. Not only that, you will unlock levels, open up unique skins and models to enjoy with. Are you willing to uncover the location and become the King? Turn on the fullscreen mode and experience the ability to restore your life now!

How to play

Press the left mouse button and control the mouse cursor to move

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